The JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOURAL DISCIPLINES, COOU (JPBDC) is a University based journal. Its home is the DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY, CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU OJUKWU UNIVERSITY (COOU) (formerly Anambra State University), IGBARIAM, ANAMBRA STATE, NIGERIA. The Journal publishes valuable papers that investigate, explain, and describe HUMAN BEHAVIOURAL phenomena and existence. Papers submitted are given blind peer and professional review. After the peer-review, papers are accepted for publication, or rejected for poor standard. Very minor corrections may be made by the editorial team, while substantial corrections will be sent back to the author(s) for correction assuming the paper is accepted for publication. Accepted works are to be published as soon as payments are made. JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOURAL DISCIPLINES, COOU (JPBDC) is therefore an avenue to publish your outstanding reports and ideas. Please help spread this to your colleagues and friends and invite them to contribute papers to the journal. Let’s work together to disseminate our research results and ideas. Papers in all fields of PSYCHOLOGY or HUMAN BEHAVIOURAL phenomena and existence are welcome.


The JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOURAL DISCIPLINES, COOU (JPBDC) provides well-reputed access to worldwide quality research publication. Rapid professional reviewing, publishing and uncompromising quality assurance services are provided to contributors. Our drive is to provide well indexed/abstracted journal in the world’s known databases. Our editorial team members are very competent, very sound, versatile, and world-class, to make sure the quality of the published research articles are enticing.


The main goals of the JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOURAL DISCIPLINES, COOU(JPBDC) are to help scientists and researchers in human behavioural fields publish findings in our scientific journal.The journal is geared toward giving contributors publications that are of very high quality with ever-increasing impactfactor/rating worldwide.


The journal is published continuously once enough articles are received for that purpose. After the professional peer review, all valuable works will be published. Paper for publication will not exceed 15 pages from the title page to the last appendix. The author’s(s’) names, title/rank, and address should be written the way s/he (they)wants them to appear. All diagrams, analyses, and tables should be positioned where they are required to be and intheir professional formats. The manuscript can be in any language so far it is placed side by side with English languagetranslation version. All submissions must be online. There is the publication charge of N35,000.00 for Nigerianauthor(s), and US$400 for foreign author(s). The fees cover the administrative, peer review, and one copy posting to the correspondence author. Author(s) who want extra copy or copies will make request for that and the author(s) willbe communicated on the prevailing charges. There are no prior charges for peer review and assessment. The publication charge is to be paid while re-submitting the corrected copy of the peer-reviewed and assessed manuscript.For every payment, a scanned copy of the payment bank teller must be done and sent online with the corrected copyof the manuscript.


The JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOURAL DISCIPLINES, COOU (JPBDC) is an avenue to publish your outstanding studies/researches, reports and ideas. The editorial team solicits your help in spreading this to colleagues and friends. Endeavour to invite them to contribute papers to the journal. May we work together to disseminate and share our ideas, findings and competence. Please send and copy your manuscript to , or , or, or


Disclaimer: The JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOURAL DISCIPLINES, COOU (JPBDC) states that all the opinions or ideas expressed in the articles published in the journal are those of the author(s). The Editor-in-Chief or members of the Editorial Board, reviewer, and/or publisher are in no way responsible for the opinions or ideas. Please may you with respect kindly go through ‘Terms, Conditions, and Ethical/Malpractice Reminders’ of the journal.